Las Rancheritas at Agustin Gonzalez

Feb 10th, 2017 2:00 pm   through   5:00 pm
750 pesos
Led by Yolanda Millan

"Las Rancheritas" is a group of women who have been working together for 16 years in the production of handmade wool rugs. From a workshop on cooperativism given by the Center for Global Justice in 2013, this group decided to work differently, putting into practice what has been learned on this topic: Democratic decisions, Self-management, etc.

Now the group has started a project of "Rural Turism" in their small town "Agustin Gonzalez". When you visit Las Rancheritas, you will learn about their project and history, you will enjoy a delicious lunch and also you will be able to visit other families that work with "cantera" and other products.

The cost of 750 pesos includes transportation, food and tour to: women talking about their project, people working "cantera" and a small history about corn, tortilla and Otomi language.

To sign up or for more info about this campo trip send an email to or call at (415) 150 0025 Mon - Fri 5 to 9 pm