Honoring Mother Earth on World Water Day

Mar 22nd, 2018 2:00 pm
Ser Mujer
Donation: 100 pesos
A Benefit for Caminos de Agua
Rebecca Peterson

A fun and meditative arts workshop involving embodied writing, journaling and the making of a huge banner.

Water as feminine agency, flow, power, connection, will be honored as well as considering water in our daily lives, and where and how we might become more conscious, and more reverent, of the Waters both within us and sustaining the whole Earth. For we were born in water; we will honor women as holding the power of childbearing and the fertility of love, whether mothers or not. We will consider girls and how to be mentors to them.

We will contemplate the cosmos, source of all life, especially including the hydrogen and oxygen linked by so-called “weak bonds”, H20, that mysterious connectivity not really understood by western science. We live interlinked with a Water Planet, and each cell within are little water planets… these are some of the contemplations and writings we will engage in on this special day at this special event!

Wear comfortable clothes for painting, bring a journal or sketchbook, your favorite drawing and writing implements, and an art apron if you have one. Most art materials and some aprons will be provided. Delicious coffees, tea, snacks available for purchase at the wonderful Geek & Coffee. Drinking water provided: bring your refillable water bottle!

Rebecca Peterson has been a San Miguel resident for over 20 years, and teaches art workshops embellishing tin nichos (boxes) and in visual journaling based in C.G. Jung’s Red Book She is working on a doctoral dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Institute based in dream work and connections with nature, with theories in Indigenous knowledge and archetypal psychology. Originally from New Mexico, she has a passion for environmental issues, & lives with doggie companions Molly & Poppy.

World Water Day, Ser Mujer and Caminos de Agua.

Proceeds from World Water Day activities benefit Caminos de Agua, a non-profit organization focused on empowering at-risk communities to obtain adequate supplies of safe and healthy drinking water. The money raised will go towards rainwater harvesting systems and the construction of cisterns. One cistern will easily fill during the rainy season and will serve 15 people for an entire year — they are designed to last a lifetime. Each system also contains two filtration systems, a pre-filter as well as ceramic water filters systems that remove bacteria and pathogens.

Many of the smaller communities surrounding San Miguel have severe water quality and scarcity issues. Arsenic and fluoride levels are more than 10 times World Health Organization limits, and community drinking wells are quickly going dry. These high levels are a toxic cocktail known to cause unsightly dental fluorosis in children, painful skeletal fluorosis, developmental and mental disabilities, organ failure, and cancer with long-term consumption. Children are at greatest risk as their growing bodies absorb these minerals at a much higher rate, and exposure to high fluoride in utero has shown severe impacts on mental development later in life. Caminos de Agua has already supplied a couple of hundred systems for but have many more to go — let’s help them get there!

Geek & Coffee
Calzada de la Aurora S/N
Fábrica La Aurora
San Miguel de Allende, GUA 37700

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