Computing, Freedom and Privacy

Dec 3rd, 2019 2:00 pm   through   4:00 pm
70 pesos
Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman will explain “how nonfree software and online dis-services impose their control on us, and some specific kinds of wrong they are designed to do.”  A key initiator of the free software movement and founder of the Free Software Foundation, he is on a lecture tour in Mexico and will explain what we must do to take back control.

Dr. Stallman started the free software movement in 1983.  He initiated development of the GNU operating system which anyone can freely copy and distribute.  Combined with the program Linux, GNU is used on millions of computers.  Among his prizes and honorary doctorates is a MacArthur Fellowship, Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Award, and induction into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Given challenges to net neutrality, press freedom, and to our own freedom and privacy, the stakes we face in using the internet are enormous.

Sala Quetzal
La Biblioteca Publica, Rejoj 50A, Centro
San Miguel de Allende, GUA 37700

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