We: Reviving Social Hope

Feb 28th, 2020 2:00 pm
Discussion Group
Ron Aronson

The book We: Reviving Social Hope by philosopher Ron Aronson will be the focus of a discussion group on Friday February 28. His book is a message to save us from the despair, cynicism and defeatism that paralyzes too many in these troubled times.

Aronson argues that social hope is born from collective action, a we, not just I. It is in a movement that “we become members of a larger entity, drawing power from it, having responsibility to it, and experiencing ourselves within it.” Through collective action “the formerly powerless can generate something new, social hope, by acting together.” And this can change not only the world in which we live, we also change ourselves.

If you would like to participate in discussion with the author, sign up with Cliff DuRand by email to global.justice.cliff@gmail.com. You are expected to have read the 180 page book in advance. Order your copy now.

Center for Global Justice
Calzada de la Luz 42
(between Loreto and Animas)
San Miguel de Allende, 37700

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