Gasland 2

Jan 28th, 2020 11:00 pm
Film & Discussion
70 Pesos

“Don’t frack with Mother Earth” became a popular slogan after Josh Fox’s 2010 documentary on hydraulic fracking exposed the dangers to humans and environment of this controversial method of extracting fossil fuels from shale. Scenes of people living near fracking wells lighting flames from their kitchen faucets dramatically demonstrated how ground water had been made undrinkable.

This 2013 sequel exposes the gas industry’s claim that natural gas is a safe and clean alternative to oil, a myth repeated by politicians. Josh Fox shows how the potent greenhouse gas, methane, escapes from fracking wells. Now that the Trump EPA has removed regulations to limit that, fracked gas is clearly a “bridge fuel” only to propel us off the climate disruption cliff. “Gasland Part 2” looks at how the powerful oil and gas industries are in Fox's words "contaminating our democracy" as well as the planet.

Teatro Santa Ana
La Biblioteca Publica, Reloj 50A, Centro
San Miguel de Allende, GUA

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