A Conversation with John Perkins: Social and Environmental Justice

Feb 9th, 2016 1:00 pm
60 Pesos

International bestselling author and global change agent John Perkins will deliver a keynote address at the San Miguel Writers' Conference on Friday February 12, at 11:00 am. The event coincides with the release of his latest book, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

The Center for Global Justice has arranged a more intimate conversation with Perkins on Tuesday, February 9 at Teatro Santa Ana, and you're invited. Perkin's 2004 best seller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man opened many eyes to how U.S. economic development programs in the global South left many poor countries beholden to the U.S. politically as well as economically. His new book, updated and expanded, sheds additional light on the role of the U.S. and global corporations and how they profit from this neocolonization.

For the "Conversation with John Perkins: Social and Environmental Justice," a panel of local readers will engage him in conversation on the stage of Teatro Santa Ana. How and why does corporate capitalism wrest control of others' lands?  How did Perkins personally make the break from this predatory role to write his blockbuster Confessions?  What is the New Consciousness that he sees is needed to transform our present Death Economy to a Peace Economy?  And what institutional changes are needed to make it possible?  What is less well known about Perkins is that he is not only an economist, he is also a shaman who has worked with indigenous communities in South America, and is an advisor to the non-profit indigenous rights group Pachamama Alliance.   

This "Conversation with John Perkins" is jointly sponsored by the Center for Global Justice, a research and learning center for a better world; and Caminos de Agua (formerly CATIS), providing practical sustainable solutions for communities at risk that rely on the Independencia Aquifer. Tickets available at the Biblioteca, 200 pesos.

Tickets for Perkins' keynote address at the Writers' Conference are available on the Conference website (sanmiguelwritersconference.org); at the Caminos de Agua information table at the Saturday Organic Market; or at the Sala Literaria in Bellas Artes on February 4 from 2 to 4 PM; cost $25 USD or 390 Pesos. Mr. Perkins will be on hand to sign copies of his new book following his keynote. This event is sure to sell out, so purchase your tickets pronto!

Sala Quetzal
La Biblioteca Publica, Rejoj 50A, Centro
San Miguel de Allende, GUA 37700