Visit Cuba with the Center for Global Justice

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Jun 14th, 2022 12:00 am to Jun 28th, 2022 12:00 am

Enjoy two stimulating weeks in a country committed to building Socialism. Learn about Cuba’s public goods such as free health care and education provided by the state, how Cuba dealt with the pandemic, its collective production and services in agricultural and urban cooperatives, its form of democratic governance, its private businesses, its community projects and more. Experience Cuba’s vibrant culture and people. Dialogue with leading thinkers about Cuba’s reforms as it reinvents its socialism for the 21st century. A unique, in-depth look at a changing society.

Havana, Cuba (24672752927)

Talk with Cuban thinkers:  Discussion will focus on  Socialist Construction in Theory and Practice.   You are invited to present a paper (optional) on such topics as:

  • Rethinking socialism in 21st century; critique of 20th century socialism; civil society; party; commons;
  • Cuba’s renovation of socialism:  implementation of the Guidelines; direction of development; conceptualization of socialism; planning and market; petty bourgeoisie and wage labor; socialist hegemony in a mixed economy; political system; rejuvenation of civil society; cooperatives;
  • US & capitalist countries:  collapse of liberal democracy; decline of neoliberal ideology; crisis of legitimacy; resurgence of the idea of socialism;  rise of the Right; fascism?; globalized state; overcoming capitalist hegemony; systemic crisis and the interregnum  

Join our delegation of activists, scholars and cooperativistas as we explore this exciting society in motion.  While many people are now able to visit Cuba more freely, few groups are able to offer such an in-depth experience focused on Cuba’s efforts to build socialism.  Drawing on our 30 years experience with educational trips to Cuba, we have unique access that goes beyond the usual tourist attractions.

It is estimated that the basic 14 day trip will cost $2,000 USD plus airfare, including shared room, meals, translation, guide, and the program of activities.  With regular commercial air service now open from the U.S., it is possible to fly directly to Havana.

A deposit of $300 USD is required, which can be made by credit card by CLICKING HERE

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