Free Trade vs Democracy

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 6:00pm

There is a danger that US laws protecting the environment, food safety, internet freedom, labor protection, consumer rights and more will be overridden by a new trade agreement being negotiated among twelve Pacific rim countries called the TransPacific Partnership (TPP).  Never heard of it?  That’s because it is being written in top secret with help from 500 transnational corporations. That’s right. The corporations are rewriting our laws to suit themselves. This stealth treaty has been called NAFTA on steroids. The Obama administration hopes to push it through Congress with no input from the public or our representatives under a fast track procedure….unless we the people speak up and speak up loudly.

Cliff DuRand is a founder and Research Associate at the Center for Global Justice. The talk and discussion is sponsored by Occupy Wall Street SMA and the Center for Global Justice.