Globalization & Its Discontents

Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 11:00am
Gregory Diamant, Cliff DuRand & Joan Roelofs

Four decades of corporate-led neoliberal globalization facilitated by Democratic and Republican elites alike that have undermined the American Dream for so many working people, finally blew back on them in last year’s presidential election. An anger with the political establishment that had been building for years finally found a voice in a demagogue that focused it against immigrants and refugees rather than the 1% who had caused their pain. Indeed, a worldwide “populist” revolt against neoliberalism is building.

Cliff DuRand, a founder of the Center for Global Justice, activist Gregory Diamant and political scientist Joan Roelofs examine this political earthquake and the challenges we now face as a result. What is neoliberalism and how have its policies impacted ordinary people? Why is there so little trust in the institutions of society? Why do so many feel disempowered in what claims to be a democratic society? And what can we, the people, do about all this? We live in challenging times. Are we the people up to this challenge?

You can read the presentation by Cliff DuRand here, Joan Roelofs here, and Gregory Diamant here.