Monday, October 5, 2020 - 1:00pm
Malin Jönsson & Robert Scott

President Trump proclaims the trade deal between the US, Mexico and Canada as a great improvement over NAFTA. But is USMCA really different or is it NAFTA 2.0? Is it an improvement for working people on both sides of the border? To assess the improvements and limitations we bring you two experienced observers, one from the US, the other from Mexico.

Robert Scott looks at the economic impact of the revised NAFTA on US workers. Malin Jönsson looks at the impact in Mexico, particularly on campesinos.

Scott is an economist at the Economic Policy Institute. He is EPI’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Research. He has published widely in academic journals and appears often in the media.

Jönsson is a professor in Rural Problems and Human Rights at the National School of Social Work of UNAM. She is also coordinator of Semillas de Vida Foundation, a civil association that works with the conservation, protection and development of native maize seeds in peasant hands and for a healthy diet – from seed to table.