Possibilities for Change: Jeff Faux, Marge Allen, Ben Ptashnik

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 6:00pm
Marge Allen
Jeff Faux
Ben Ptashnik


So we have a new President and an opportunity for new beginnings. Barack Obama's campaign promised us change we can believe in. In the face of today's unfolding economic, health and environmental crises, the changes we need are sweeping. What will the new administration be able to accomplish? How can we press for changes we believe in?

These will be the questions discussed by a Center for Global Justice panel on January 21 at 10:30am in Sala Quetzal. The all-star panel will consist of Jeff Faux, Marge Allen, and environmentalist Ben Ptashnik. Economist Jeff Faux was a founder of the prestigious Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. Marge Allen was for years a union lobbyist. And Ben Ptashnik was a former state senator in Vermont and now a promoter of solar energy in San Miguel.

They will join in giving an informed assessment of the possibilities for change in the days ahead. Will President Obama and the congressional Democrats be able to do what needs to be done? What is the role for the informed concerned citizens who elected this government? Join us for a lively discussion.