Post Convention: Where Do We Go From Here?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 11:00am
Nellie Bailey, Gregory Diamant & Peter Weisberg

The marathon infomercials from our two major political parties have finally ended.  And progressives are now left with the question “Where do we progressives go from here?”  Do we simply support the non-Trump lesser of two evils?  Do we build a third party like the Greens?  Do we focus on electing a new Congress?  Do we work outside the electoral box to build institutions that will empower people in their daily lives?  All of the above?

These are among the questions progressives are asking of the movement energized by Bernie Sander’s campaign.  The Center for Global Justice held this post-convention forum to explore options for the way forward.  The discussion was kicked off with brief presentations by San Miguel residents Gregory Diamant, Peter Weisberg and Nellie Bailey.