Predator Nation

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 8:45pm
Review by Betsy Bowman

Charles Ferguson, director and writer of the acclaimed documentary “Inside Job,” two years after its release, asks a simple question: “Why have no bankers gone to jail?” His documentary and his new book Predator Nation describe in detail the massive fraud committed by banks, financial institutions, lenders, ratings’ agencies and their employees which caused the collapse of many of the world’s financial institutions, stock markets, housing markets, and the staggering increase in unemployment around the world. Ferguson interviews financial advisors, deans of Business schools, lobbyists, NY State Attorney General, and other insiders on how the housing and stock market bubble of 2007 was engineered and made to collapse profiting very handsomely those involved in its engineering and collapse and severely hurting average people, borrowers, small investors, and ultimately you and me, the tax payers, who bailed out the banks and financial institutions to the tune of $9.2 trillion US dollars.

Today we are still living with the fallout from the 2007-08 financial crisis. Politicians, pundits and others are calling for austerity to pay back the debt borrowed to bail-out the banks. But who should be subjected to austerity? The banks, bankers, traders and stock brokers who caused the crash or the general public? And why has no one gone to jail for fraud? Come join the discussion. Who do you think is responsible?