Roots of the Civilizational Crisis and Viable Alternatives

Monday, May 9, 2022 - 1:00pm
José Andrés Fuentes González

We are living in an era of generalized crisis at a global level, evident in all areas of life: environmental, economic, social, educational, food, health, demographic, epistemic and existential. This civilizational crisis that humanity is facing puts at risk the planetary ecosystem balance and the world as we know it.

Many people feel immersed in a globalized-capitalist and patriarchal economic system-without a way out; It would seem that any attempt to stop the great capital locomotive results in recession, unemployment and social crisis, so it is better to maintain course and speed, although the precipice is getting closer.

This generates hopelessness and frustration since it seems that there is nothing that can be done. On the contrary, there is not only much that is possible to do, but there is also much that is already being done. The alternatives we are looking for are not in an abstract and future world, but in another world that already exists; not as ultimate or final alternatives, but as processes under construction. But to be able to observe this other existing world, we must adjust our own outlook. And that is why our way of knowing reality plays a transcendental role.