SER MUJER: Local Women Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 10:00am
Charlotte Bell, Suzanna Martínez, Hilaria Ramírez, Patricia, Araceli Granada Rojas, Sophia Trapp & Zermeño Williams

Women from four entrepreneurial ventures talk about their work and how they are helping other women in their community. From Las Rancheritas, Charlotte Bell (Consultant) and Suzanna Martínez (Member) will discuss The Rug Hook Project; a co-op initiative that sells home-made art rugs. Hilaria Ramírez from Mujeres Productores de Montecillo, will discuss the all-women co-operative she founded, which sells natural, organic products. Patricia Zermeño Williams will talk about the plumbing company she started called ‘Better Call Patty.’ From the Lavender Project and Adelante Juntos por La Colorada, Sophia Trapp (Consultant) and Araceli Granada Rojas (Executive Director of ADC) will speak about their rural farming enterprise.