Social and Climate Justice: Fraternal Twins of the 21st Century

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 11:00am
Gregory Diamant

For the past two decades some of our most eminent scientists have been warning us of the dangers of the steadily increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere due to our profligate use of fossil fuels. The steady warming of the Earth’s atmosphere; the shrinking of the protective ozone layers and our polar ice caps; the acidification of the oceans have all been remarked upon.

But what has, until very recently, not been strongly noted is that worldwide struggles for social justice can no longer be conducted without the issue of climate justice being part and parcel of these struggles. Just as our physical environment is and will be changed by anthropogenic climate change, so must our social justice efforts. In fact, Diamant will argue, that the fight for social justice on myriad levels cannot succeed without climate change informing all of these struggles. Yes, there will be catastrophic events: how are we going to confront them?