Towards a Workers' Economy

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 6:00pm
Marco Gómez Gómez & Maria Lucero Jiménez Guzmán

In this presentation, Maria Lucero Jiménez Guzmán talks about The Crisis of Gender Relations and the Incorporation of Gender in Workers' Struggles. She reports on some of the latest Latin American studies on gender relations as well as recent research on recovered enterprises in Argentina. Marco Gómez Gómez speaks on The Workers´ Economy in the Age of Global Capitalism which addresses capital concentration, global value-chains, and the global polity as the contemporary setting for a Workers´ Economy.

Profs Marco Gómez Gómez and Maria Lucero Jiménez Guzmán were part of the organizing team for the 2nd North American and Caribbean Regional Encounter “The Workers' Economy” that was held in Mexico City in November 2016. This gathering built on the experiences of five previous international gatherings of The Workers’ Economy in Buenos Aires (2007, 2009); Mexico City (2011); João Pessoa, Brazil (2013), and Venezuela (2015); and the regional gatherings in Europe, in the Fralib worker-recuperated factory in Marseille (2014); in South America, in the Textiles Pigüe worker-recuperated factory in Argentina (2014); and in North America at the Universidad Obrera de Ciudad de México, (2014). Additional encounters in 2016 included the 2nd Euromediterranean Workers Economy Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece and the 2nd South American Encounter in Montevideo, Uruguay.