Is Trump Taking Us to a Major War?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 6:00pm
Jeff Faux. Moderated by Cliff DuRand

Based on a book he is now writing, Jeff Faux addresses the prospects for a major war in the next three years of the Trump government. “Major” is an important adjective because we are obviously already at war in a number of places around the world.

Faux says Trump is no “isolationist,” although he is often called one. His foreign policy is an inept and blustering version of the more subtle imperialism of his predecessors. The danger -- to both the U.S. and the world -- is that the more unpopular he is at home, the more aggressive he might be abroad. As Faux has written: “Build an empire and sooner or later you’ll get a crackpot for an emperor.”

Jeff Faux is the principal founder of the Economic Policy Institute of Washington, D.C and its president from 1985 until August 2002. His most recent books include The Servant Economy: Where America’s Elite is Sending the Middle Class, The Global Class War, The Party’s Not Over, and New Hope for the Inner City.