Venezuela - Achievements & Challenges of the Bolivarian Revolution

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 6:00pm
Pedro Gellert

Since its launch nearly two decades ago, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution has given new hope to millions in Latin America while also instilling fear among the elites in the US that a path was being blazed toward a non-capitalist way forward for that long-suffering continent. The US has gone to great lengths to undermine it politically and economically. The media has consistently maligned it. It is almost impossible to find sympathetic or even balanced coverage in the US press.The Center for Global Justice offers some balance with this talk by journalist Pedro Gellert. Based in Mexico City, Gellert is an activist with the Coordinadora Mexicana de Solidaridad con Venezuela (Mexican Coordinating Committee in Solidarity with Venezuela). His talk explains what the Bolivarian Revolution is about, why it arose and the challenges it now faces in these difficult times.