Vietnam: A Veteran’s Search for Meaning and Redemption

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 11:00am
Will Gilmore

The brutality of the US war on Vietnam was a national trauma that many would prefer to forget. There has never been a national settling of the issues of conscience that this military adventure raises. That struggle has been left to individual veterans to wage. One such vet is former Marine Will Gilmore. He was part of a unit that fought in a small Vietnamese village.  After the war he returned to that village to make amends. 

Will Gilmore is now writing a book about his struggles. War Crazy tells the story of his living with severe PTSD as a result of the war and his journey toward recovery -- the final phase being a return to Vietnam and making amends followed by reconciling with the family of a fellow Marine whose life he felt he could have saved had he made a different decision in combat.