The Workers' Economy as Global Strategy: What is it? Where is it going? How to nurture it?

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Alexander Buzgalin, Stephanie Guico, Micky Metts, Peter Ranis, Armando Robles, Andres Ruggeri, Sean Smith, Jesus Torres & Marcelo Vieta

Since 2007, the Workers' Economy Network has brought together some 800 recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives, social economy organizations, trade unions, and researchers committed to self-management practices and to a new workers' economy.

This discussion took place at the annual meeting of the Left Forum in New York City.

The next major workers' economy event: The 3rd North American regional "encuentro" of the Workers' Economy Network in Mexico City, Nov. 8-10, 2018.

Andres Ruggeri & Marcelo Vieta: "From Network to Movement,
Jesus Tores: TRADOC & the Workers' Economy"
Armando Robles: "Workers' Economy & New Era Windows"
Micky Metts: "Communications & the Workers' Economy"
Alexander Buzgalin: "Worker Management in the USSR & Today"
Stephanie Guico: "A Workers' Economy on Unceded Land"
Sean Smith: "What Union Councils Can Learn from Worker-recuperations"
Peter Ranis: "Workers Challenging Capitalism"