The Workers' Economy as Global Strategy: What is it? Where is it going? How to nurture it?

Friday, June 1, 2018 - 7:00pm
Alexander Buzgalin, Stephanie Guico, Micky Metts, Peter Ranis, Armando Robles, Andres Ruggeri, Sean Smith, Jesus Torres & Marcelo Vieta

Since 2007, the Workers' Economy Network has brought together some 800 recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives, social economy organizations, trade unions, and researchers committed to self-management practices and to a new workers' economy.

This discussion took place at the annual meeting of the Left Forum in New York City.

The next major workers' economy event: The 3rd North American regional "encuentro" of the Workers' Economy Network in Mexico City, Nov. 8-10, 2018.

Panelists:Andres Ruggeri & Marcelo Vieta: "From Network to Movement,Jesus Tores: TRADOC & the Workers' Economy"Armando Robles: "Workers' Economy & New Era Windows"Micky Metts: "Communications & the Workers' Economy"Alexander Buzgalin: "Worker Management in the USSR & Today"Stephanie Guico: "A Workers' Economy on Unceded Land"Sean Smith: "What Union Councils Can Learn from Worker-recuperations"Peter Ranis: "Workers Challenging Capitalism"