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directed by Atahualpa Caldera Sosa and Ana Telma Tovar Márquez

Climate change is the most important threat facing humanity. It is almost three decades since the Rio de Janeiro summit in Brazil in 1992 and the planet continues to suffer rapid deterioration from human activities. Young people are tired of observing the hypocrisy and immobility of some rulers who even deny climate change, as is the case of United States President Donald Trump. Young people have started a climate revolution in all corners of the planet...

Directed by Atahualpa Caldera Sosa

A documentary about a successful Eco-resort cooperative in Mexico

Mexico is living a crisis. The country is exhausted by the corruption and impunity which reaches every corner of society. It is tired of the inequality, the violence, the injustice, and the dispossession. In a small town in the semidesert of Hidalgo, a group of men and women of Ñañú origin are setting an example of rural community development – a cooperative rural...

by Sallie Latch

Hear Me is a rare collection of interviews with Iranian, Syrian, Pakistani, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees, Greek nationals, and international volunteers of the refugee crisis. Whether it’s a 19-year-old Syrian who refuses to kill anyone, a poor Greek housewife, or a disillusioned ex-U.S. Marine, all suffer in a geo-political world indifferent to their cries for peace and justice. As you read their stories in their own words, you will feel deeply their struggles to survive. You will marvel at their resilience when all odds are against them. You will rejoice to learn of those who ease...

Edited by Cliff DuRand

The book speaks to the widespread quest for concrete alternative ways forward 'beyond capitalism' in the face of the prevailing corporatocracy and a capitalist system in crisis. It examines a number of institutions and practices now being built in the nooks and crannies of present societies and that point beyond capitalism toward a more equal, participatory, and democratic society – institutions such as cooperatives, public banks, the commons, economic democracy.

This seminal collection of critical studies draws on academic and activist voices from the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Cuba...

Edited by Cliff DuRand & Steve Martinot

“DuRand and Martinot pull no punches in this insightful analysis of the fundamental causes of our current crisis. If you’re looking for an interpretation of the geo-political world that is independent of the wooly-headed evasions of the conventional wisdom, read this book.”
Jeff Faux, founder of the Economic Policy Institute and author of The Global Class War and The Servant Economy: Where America’s Elite is Sending the Middle Class.

This collection of essays on corporations, globalization and the state addresses such key questions as: