Educational Travel

We all believe a better world is possible.  But do you know that a better world is actually happening?  There are many places where common people are struggling in small and large ways to build a better world in which there is more equality, greater social justice and where people are democratically empowered. 

The Center for Global Justice can take you there so you can talk with people who are remaking the future and see it for yourself – places like Cuba, the Zapatista areas of Chiapas in southern Mexico, the cooperative eco-resort of Tolantongo in central Mexico, and rural communities around, where the Center is based.  Building a better world is hard work.  It takes persistence and dedication.  It takes the ability to learn from experience. 

Come on one of our educational trips and you too can learn from that experience and be inspired by what common people are doing to make a better world for themselves … and for all of us.