Visit Cuba with the Center for Global Justice

Experience Cuba’s vibrant culture and people. Join one of our delegations of activists, scholars and cooperativists for a unique, in-depth look at a changing society. Learn about Cuba’s public goods such as free health care, and education provided by the state, Cuba's collective production in agricultural and urban cooperatives, its forms of democratic governance, its private businesses, its community projects and more.

While many people are now able to visit Cuba more freely, few groups are able to offer such an in-depth experience focused on Cuba’s efforts to build socialism. Drawing on our decades of experience with educational trips to Cuba, we have unique access that goes beyond the usual tourist attractions.

We meet with some of Cuba’s leading thinkers to discuss Cuba’s reforms as it reinvents its socialism for the 21st century. We visit the fascinating Old Havana and such sites as the new Fidel Castro Study Center, museums, cooperatives and musical venues. While most of our time is spent in Havana, we typically travel outside of the city to visit such towns as Viñales or Santa Clara.